Monday, December 19, 2016

The Best Is Yet To Come Jan 21-Feb 15

Theme-Love, romance, relationship.  Have fun with the theme.

The price to join this event is 450L per Merchant which will give you 15 prims to display vendors and 1 gacha machine.  You will have the option to purchase extra gacha machines, at 150L each and you will chose your Gachas when the event opens and they are setup.

For each event you need one exclusive item (new, different color, never been released) for the duration of the event.  When the event ends you can do as you wish with the item.

For an additional 250L sponsors get their store name on the sign and on the blog.  Sponsors will receive 10 extra prims on their booth and one extra gacha machine.

Marketplace stores are welcome to join the event.

Regular:  450L  Accepting 50 stores
15 Prims & 1 Gacha Machine

Sponsor: 700L (450L Joining+250L Sponsor Fee)  10 sponsor spots available
15 Prims
Store Name On Sign
Store Logo & Name On Blog
10 Extra Prims & 1 Free Gacha  (For a total of 25 prims & 2 gacha machines)

Extra Gacha Machines: 150L


We will be blogging your items and listing them on a Flickr page that will be setup for the Merchants and you will be required to keep a kiosk (Poster) rezzed in your shop for the duration of the event. We also request that you advertise this in your groups and social media pages. This helps get the word out to those following you and will help increase your sales.


There will be a blogger box available so that our bloggers can get your items out there.  This does not count against your prim limit.

No kid's stores.

Event sign is mandatory in your store for the duration of the event.

Items do not have to be discounted.

Gacha machines can only be in the gacha area, not in the shop areas.

We require that you have at least 1 exclusive item for this event, please do not make your gacha your exclusive. This item must be exclusive to this event ONLY.  Failure to offer an exclusive item will result in your booth being returned with no refund.  You can make exclusive gachas also but be sure to have one in your display area that is not gacha.  Don't forget to stay within your prim limit.

You can put old items or things already in your store in the booth also.

Gacha items must be transfer and customers must be able to resell the items after the event, if they so choose.  Gachas must be in theme with the event or the machines will be returned to you.

You will need to join a group, and stay in it for the entire event, to be able to rezz on the event land.

 You must be completely setup and ready by 6pm on Jan 20th before the event starts.  Failure to do so will result in your items being returned to you.  If you need extra time contact Isabelle or Ripley so we can work with you.  All gachas must be filled before the event starts.  There will be no refunds for drops less than 7 days before the event starts.

We will not chase you down.  After you get your acceptance letter, there will be 48 hours to pay the fees or you will be replaced in the lineup.  Payment information will be included in the acceptance letter.

Jan 10: Applications Close
Jan 12:  Last Day To Pay Fees
Jan 17:  Setup begins
Jan 20:  Last Day To Setup
Jan 21:  Event Begins
Feb 15:  Event Ends

We look forward to this event and hope you can all join us for the Fun!!

To Apply Please Visit:

Isabelle Torok & Ripley Rozenberg
Gacha Good Owners

Winterschains Resident
Gacha Good Assistant

NL Sperber
Master of Decor

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